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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Not long after young southern Ohio driving talent Tyler Smith burst on to the scene as Northfield Park’s leading driver, another southern Ohio driver Jeremy Smith (no relation to Tyler), arrived with lofty ambitions of his own. Jeremy, too hopes to make his presence felt over Northfield’s Flying Turns.     

J. Smith has been making the nightly commute to Cleveland from his hometown of Washington Courthouse and plans on continuing to burnish his skills at Northfield Park.  “So far I love it,” commented Jeremy. “It has been nice because I live about one mile from Tyler Smith and we can ride together.”

Jeremy has been driving since 2002, primarily at Scioto Downs and Lebanon Raceway, but decided to move for an increase in driving opportunities. The extra-long commute has been paying off; he has earned a UDRS of .296.

Smith has 490 lifetime wins with purse earnings of $1,104,507. He rates BT Attack as the best horse he has ever driven. Smith’s biggest race was an Open Pace at Scioto Downs, where he recorded his fastest win time steering What’s The Hurry in 1:52.0.

Jeremy’s love for harness racing is evident, and he’s hoping to make Northfield home. “I am very excited to be competing at Northfield and I just hope that I keep picking up drives,” stated Smith.