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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


    by joe faraldo, leader of the US team competing in Italy

Mauro and Fabio Biasuzzi, twin brothers, are and have been central figures in racing in Italy for sure but as well in the United States. Their father, Bepi, started the dynasty in the 1960s and while he never drove himself both boys became accomplished reinsmen. In fact, Mauro won the World Cup of amateur racing in Australia in 1966.

Scudieri Biasuzzi has a presence in America in the form of all those "Bi" (pronounced Bee) horses popping up all over the place from mates bred to American  sires. A top horse right now on the European scene is Twister Bi trained by Jerry Riordan, who is sure to be invited to the  International Trot on October 14 at Yonkers Raceway. Surely there will be other Bi horses invited ensuring the Scudieri's presence.

Tonight the USA-Italian challenge is hosted at the Hippodromo Treviso owned by Fabio Biasuzzi. You can always see a Biasuzzi at the major racing events from the Prix d'Amerique to the Hambletonian and the big sales in the US. Some evidence of their success is seen here on one of their many trophy  display tables at the Scuderia in Merano. With Fabio and Mauro at the helm Pepi's legacy has spawned a worldwide dynasty in international harness racing.