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Friday, March 10, 2017


    by john manzi for NAADA

When the North American Amateur Drivers Association kicks off its Spring Trotting Series on March 16 participants will be eligible for a trip to France and become a part of an American Team that will challenge the top French amateurs in a Friendship Competition.

“Upon the completion of our spring trotting series we will have a lottery drawing among the top five point-earners in the eight-week event to determine three drivers who will be eligible to travel to France and be among the American representatives  in the Friendship Competition,” noted NAADA president, Joe Faraldo.

The North American Amateur Drivers Association had received a formal invitation for a rematch with the very competent French amateur drivers. The invitation was extended to Joe Faraldo during his recent visit to Paris for the Prix d' Amerique.

The rematch is scheduled to center around races at famed Vincennes racetrack outside of the City of Lights as well as a racetrack in Normandy (yet to be named).

According to Faraldo, there will be at least two races surrounded by some sightseeing of places popular with tourists and historians. The challenge will require six US amateur drivers and their guests.

 “The rematch will be an effort to avenge the terrible loss the US amateurs sustained at the hands of the French when they invaded our shores for a similar competition two years  ago,” Faraldo added.

The selection of drivers will be limited to those who participate in NAADA’s upcoming Spring Trotting Series which will commence on March 16 with weekly contests at both Monticello and Yonkers Raceways.

According to Faraldo, his organization will select three other NAADA members for a six-man team needed to challenge France’s best.

The Friendship Competition against the French amateurs is tentatively scheduled for the 2017 Memorial Day weekend at, or about, the same time as the Elitloppet in Stockholm.