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Monday, October 7, 2013


After winning the German-American Friendship Competition race  at Yonkers Raceway  on Thursday,  Andreas  Schwarz won the initial event in the competition  at  Vernon  Downs on Friday (Oct. 4) with 4-1 shot  Rompaway Brandon in  1:56.1 when he  finished  two lengths ahead of fellow German, Christoph  Pellander with Don Dinero

Despite the near heroics of  Schwarz, which brought the German team to within two points of the Americans going into the final race in the Friendship Competition leg  at Vernon, he could do no better than finish fourth  with Mystical Con in  last  event.

Although he had his horse in contention at the top of the stretch the trotter flattened out  in the lane while USA’s Vladimir Melnichenko  overtook the pace-setter, Salome Marvel , driven by Germany’s  Peter Platzer, to score a 1:59.4 victory and save the day for the American team.

As a result of the two races at Vernon Downs the American’s point total of 107 was six points better than the visiting German’s 101, and they felt got revenge of sorts after the thumping  they took  at the hands of  the Germans on their own soil  last year.

Although the German team of Schwarz, Pellander and Platzer and Martina Bredlau was constant at the three tracks in international driving competition the Americans fielded three different NAADA teams at each venue. 

At Vernon, Bernie Boland, George Bonomo and Simeon Hunsdon joined Melnichenko to comprise NAADA  team there.

On Saturday night (Oct. 5) the visiting Germans were treated to a dinner cruise around the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor.

“The  Germans were very impressed with the boat ride to the face of the Statue of Liberty and  were appreciative  of all the great work NAADA’s Alicia Schwartz and her team did to make their trip a memorable one,” said  Joe Faraldo the president of NAADA, which hosted all  parties in the Friendship Competition.

“They went home trying to figure out what they could do to top the hospitality shown them in the US and being that we are located in one of the greatest cities on earth with so many things to see and do, that may be a tough road to hoe.”