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Saturday, January 28, 2017


BY FRANK DRUCKER, Publicity Director, Empire City @ Yonkers Raceway

YONKERS, NY, Friday, January 27, 2017—Yonkers Raceway’s Friday news agenda—we’re talkin’ real news here, people—features a pair of interesting morsels.

First, the Raceway has announced that the winner of Sunday’s (Jan. 29th) Prix d’Amerique at Vincennes in Paris shall receive an invitation for the 2017 Yonkers International Trot. The Prix is scheduled for 10 AM (ET) and can viewed on-line at

“The Prix d’Amerique is one of the sport’s great races, and we sincerely hope that the champion joins us,” race secretary Steve Starr said. “It’s our goal to continue making International a marquee event that attracts the best trotters in the world.”

The million-dollar Yonkers International Trot is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, Oct. 14th.

The second news nugget involves the purses, which are to be increased beginning with the race week of Monday, Feb. 6th. The hikes are across the board, and range from $3,000-$5,000. This places the new purse range from $11,500 for lowest classes to $50,000 for the weekly Opens/Open Handicaps (currently $8,500 to $45,000).

For more information, please contact the race office at (914) 457-2627.