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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


BY FRANK DRUCKER, Publicity Director, Empire City @ Yonkers Raceway

YONKERS, NY, Tuesday, November 29, 2016—Much has been written about the subject of commingled pools, specifically involving Yonkers Raceway and its French Connection.

               Why, you may ask, should anyone on this side of the Atlantic care? Because if you’re one of those horseplayers who has dismissed a track’The pools are too small’ and/or ‘I’m betting against myself’the French are your copains (or buddies, chums, amigos).  

Take this past Sunday (Nov. 27th) as the latest example. With real-time win and show pool commingling of the seven, French-hubbed, added-distance, overflow fields trots, the tally sheet read as such…

…more than a half-million dollars was added to the pot. European win-pool figures ranged from $23,468 to $70,619, with the earlier races getting the bulk of the attention.

The show pool range went from $16,874 to $45,002, again spiking in the earlier events.

In other words, these pools are ‘thoroughbred-esque,’ enticing to bettors of all dollar denominations.

This Sunday (Dec. 4), with its amended first post of 12 Noon (from original 11:30 AM), the first seven races are ‘French,’ so have at it. An early program file of these races accompanies, noting that changes are to be made Wednesday morning (Nov. 30th).