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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Life in Color Lights Up The Meadowlands

Nearly 10,000 partygoers came out to the Life in Color Concert on Sunday, June 28th at Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment.  The event was both well-coordinated and well-received by the paint-happy concert goers.

An event that included a wide array of music presented by different disc jockeys as well as an artistic spin with those partaking in the festivities running and dancing through paint, the Life in Color event was certainly the first of its kind at Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment.  The success of the event carries a great deal of significance for the venue.

“To say we tried something new with this event, would be an understatement,” said Meadowlands General Manager/C.E.O. Jason Settlemoir.  “Not only did the event take place without a hitch, but it was successful in terms of the enjoyment of those who came out for the event.  Those two items are of the utmost importance to us moving forward as we continue to expand what Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment can accomplish.  I would especially like to thank our Assistant General Manager, Marianne Rotella for putting together a plan for this event and executing it flawlessly.”

Meadowlands Chairman Jeff Gural spoke to what the success of this event means to the future of The Meadowlands.  “This was another big step for us,” said Gural.  “Of course, we are fully committed to the success of our racing product, but this event signifies what building this new facility was all about.  Not only is The New Meadowlands a gorgeous facility, but it enables us to put forth events that would never have been possible had we continued to operate out of the original facility.  It just its first 18 months of operation, we have hosted a huge party for 10,000 people as well hosting the Super Bowl V.I.P. party, which included a performance by John Legend.  It is extremely important to The Meadowlands that we can be successful hosting events like Life in Color and execute the operational aspects of the event as if we have been in the business of hosting these events for years.  Life in Color proved that we can do that and it creates avenues for our hosting events like this in the future.  I am hopeful that we will only expand on this aspect of our business moving forward, especially in June of 2016, when our racing schedule becomes challenged to do a difficulty to find an adequate amount of horses to race.  I am optimistic we can continue to maximize the potential of the entertainment aspects of this beautiful facility.”

With Life in Color a success, Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment will continue to grow its presence in the entertainment world and will attract increased attention from those looking to host major events in the tri-state area.

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