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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jim Devaux notches his 4000th win in a dead heat

Sometimes when drivers are marching towards driving milestones, they tend to stall out and languish.  Not in the case of James Devaux, if anything, as he was getting closer to the milestone, he got hotter.  On Wednesday afternoon July 8, Jimmy won his 3999 in race 5 with Prince of Pleasure, for trainer Gary Decker.  In the 7th race, the answer to the future trivia question of who was Jimmy driving for his 4000th win was answered, is was Bangbangkisskiss, barely. 

After cutting the entire mile, it looked like Jimmy and Bangbangkisskiss were home free, that was until the passing lane opened up and Kyle Dibenedetto shot through with the pocket sitting Sensationalist going stride for stride with Bangbangkisskiss, both of them tripping the timer in 1:58:1 for an epic dead heat for win.

A jubilant Devaux said “At the top of the lane, I popped the ear plugs and I thought I was home free, but when I saw Kyle coming up the inside I really had to get after my horse, it’s pretty cool to have a dead heat for my 4000th win!”  Following the win, Jim was greeted in the winners circle by fellow horseman and well-wishers.