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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Meadowlands Remidner: NJ-Sired Horses To Race For Bonus

                This is a reminder to all horsemen that beginning with the November 14th racing program, any New Jersey Sired horse entered in a race with a condition of non-winners of one, two, three or four pari-mutuel races will race for 60-percent more than the listed purse.  The bonus program encompasses both sexes of horse as well as gait.  The Meadowlands wanted to issue this reminder prior to the Harrisburg Mixed Sale as there will be lucrative opportunities for New Jersey Sired horses selling at Harrisburg at the upcoming Meadowlands meet.

The purse structure will be as follows:
  • Non-winners of one:           $10,000                 (plus $6,000 for NJ sired horses)
  • Non-winners of two:            $12,500                 (plus $7,500 for NJ sired horses)
  • Non-winners of three:         $15,000                 (plus $9,000 for NJ sired horses)
  • Non-winners of four:           $17,500                (plus $10,500 for NJ sired horses)
                In addition, all races with a condition of non-winners of one, two, three or four pari-mutuel races will be written with first preference for all horses that are New Jersey Sired, to ensure that New Jersey sired horses have the most opportunity to compete for this bonus program.

                Regarding the recent announcement of trainers who have achieved entry into the trainers rewards program, The Meadowlands would like to reiterate that the program does not include races classified B-1 or higher, nor does it include stakes, late closer or early closer events.  In addition, the program is limited to the period of November 14, 2014 through February 28, 2015 to ensure our most loyal trainers are able to get their horses raced when The Meadowlands entry box is in its highest demand. 

                The program was designed in conjunction with the SBOANJ with the sole purpose of rewarding those trainers who supported The Meadowlands during the period of time that it proves most difficult to fill the entry box.  Any horsemen with questions, comments or concerns should contact either The Meadowlands Race Office or the SBOANJ as any input is valued and appreciated.